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Public Relations & Marketing as a Communications Solution for Authors, Entrepreneurs, and Small Businesses

Public Relations

We help you tell your story to build your audience and grow your brand recognition. We develop a strategic plan of outreach to your target audience through various media outlets and platforms.


Marketing and Advertising

We develop marketing campaigns and advertising content to grow business. We create business through intelligent decisions to drive leads and opportunities.


Speaking and Appearance Management

We partner with our clients to increase awareness and  build business through follow-up bookings and prompt response to interest in our client and their message.


Social Media and Digital Campaign Management

We work with our clients to understand their target audience and develop strategic campaigns to increase their social media persona, profile and brand


Sand & Shores is a communications and marketing firm for authors, non-profit organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

With more than 20 years of public relations and marketing experience, Sand and Shores was established out of the growing need for exposure for authors, speakers, personalities, events, organizations, and entrepreneurs. It is our philosophy that increasing exposure requires a large amount of activity, not a large budget. Developing strategic partnerships, along with keeping a high level of communication with your audience through intelligent public relations and targeted events will grow your mission. Our creative process in conjunction with focused advertising will garner an inbound marketing pipeline to establish steady growth for your endeavors.

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Public relations and marketing for audience growth

Our clients have challenges with selling themselves, their projects, and their talent.  Sand and Shores creatively works to solve these problems for our clients. We specialize in increasing the public awareness of books, media, initiatives, projects, events, and the participation of our clients in events to grow their audience.

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Engaging your supporters is what we do

In today’s world there are many ways to interact with your audience, followers, constituents, donors, and fans. Sand and Shores develops campaigns to communicate with your supporters regularly to stay engaged and keep your audience aware of organization events, speaking appearances, or projects that you are involved in.


Some of Our Partners

Sand and Shores has developed partnerships with the best-of-breed companies to provide a wealth of services to our clients. 

Dr. Daniel Walker

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Long Beach Indie Film Festival


Red Beach Advisors


What Our Clients Say

Please review the following testimonials from Sand and Shores clients sharing their experience with our firm.

“Sand and Shores has been a lifesaver for me and my speaking business. They manage my schedule in a way that allows me to concentrate on my other endeavors and continue to grow my public speaking side of the business without missing a beat. They have completely taken over all of the fee and logistics area of my business and it has been seamless.”

Dr. Daniel Walker
Author and Speaker

“Sand and Shores took my social media presence from zero to sixty very quickly, tapping into their extensive network and nurturing new connections to significantly enhance my business growth. Their creative energy and goal-oriented process kept my marketing efforts on track as we developed my brand and message.”

Carla Green
Owner @ Clarity designworks

“Sand and Shores is a great resource for my firm. Managing our social media presence and assisting us with public relations has been invaluable in our growth. They opened our eyes to out-of-the-box opportunities for us to take advantage of increasing our exposure. We collaborate, we discuss, and we execute with Sand and Shores.”

Ray McKenzie
managing director @ red beach advisors

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5 Things to Think About When Branding to Attract Collaborations

“… finding a company that may have a new product, launch or might be having a tough time connecting with the same target market that you are going after. You have to do the research. “

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10 Reasons Why Every Author Needs to Host Events

While some authors dream about having their books on store bookshelves, you get to watch yours leave the bookstore and find a place in somebody’s home. ~Tonya McKenzie, Sand & Shores

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Author Marketing & PR DIY


Stop pitching yourself. Pitch a story. Your persona can show through it and your credentials are important, but the outlets want to know WHAT and WHY! What is the story and why is it important?

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